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Let’s talk glass

Sunroom kitchen

An extension with lots of glass is generally called a sunroom, a popular choice with many of our clients who want their new space to be light-filled. Little surprise then that one of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘how much glass can I have?’.

There are two ways you can go,

  • put dividing, exterior-quality doors between your new sunroom and existing house
  • take an open-plan approach so your sunroom becomes part of your existing building envelope

In both instances, you’ll need to compensate for any heat loss as per building regulation guidelines.

The way things currently stand, as a rule of thumb, the maximum amount of glazing you can have in your sunroom is 25% of your new floor space. However, by investing in windows with a better U-value and upping the insulation in your new floor, walls and roof, it may be possible to have more.

Recent changes to building regulations mean you can now compensate for heat loss by making improvements to your existing home. By adding loft insulation, insulated plasterboard to your existing walls or upgrading your existing windows, it again opens up the opportunity for more glass in your new living space.

Make sure you have all options in front of you during the design stage so you plan for the best possible extension you can afford and incorporate any extra insulation into your budget before your build starts.

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