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Skylights – go electric or so...

3 skylights in house extension roof

Many of our clients opt for skylights in their new house extension – after all, they’re a great way to bring light into any dimly lit space. Depending on the orientation and size of your extension, and of course your budget, you can have anything from one or two skylights to three or four grouped together (which can look incredible).

But, you have another choice to make. Because skylights are installed in your extension roof, they’re normally well out of reach which means you need a control pad to open and close them.

So, which will it be – electric or solar powered windows?

Both come with remote controls which can be programmed and both are fitted with rain sensors – just the thing for unpredictable weather.

Looking at price difference, solar Velux can be more expensive to buy than electric powered Velux. However, with no wiring needed, you save on installation costs. There’s also less impact on your electricity bill so, in the long run, cheaper to run.

That said, although solar skylights only need around one hour of sunlight to power up and will still charge up on duller days – albeit taking longer – not every client is persuaded by this which, given the initial outlay, can often sway them towards electric.

Companies like Velux are big on energy efficiency so whichever option you choose, you’re buying into high standards. Then your choice really boils down to personal preference and how green you want to be.